Stupid Flanders

Ska and Punk Rock, Straight From Orange County

Formed over an alcohol-fueled alliance between kitchen staff and waiters that all happened to love ska music in a chance encounter at a bar, we played our first show in September of 2006 and have kept the party going ever since. Over time we've honed our sound into a unique blend of ska, punk, rock, and sloppiness, and we've grown from playing empty clubs to sold-out shows at the House of Blues.

Superhero Month: Team Up Time! - Talking Stupid Episode 33

After the heroes bested their super-villains, they must face a new threat that forces them to join together to save the day! Can the heroes stop this new threat? Will they be able to stop the new teamed up villains? Find out in this new podcast! 

Let us know who deserves the Talking Stupid: Worst Joke Award in the comments below. Email us at to let us know what you want to hear us talk about or add a new hero/villain to the Talking Stupid Universe

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