Stupid Flanders

Ska and Punk Rock, Straight From Orange County

Formed over an alcohol-fueled alliance between kitchen staff and waiters that all happened to love ska music in a chance encounter at a bar, we played our first show in September of 2006 and have kept the party going ever since. Over time we've honed our sound into a unique blend of ska, punk, rock, and sloppiness, and we've grown from playing empty clubs to sold-out shows at the House of Blues.


Flanders' Dozen

by Stupid Flanders

One track off our new full-length album to be released in April 2015. Help make it a reality by supporting our Kickstarter!


Full Track List:

1 Story
2 Mixed Messages
3 Box Lunch
4 One Touch
5 Smells Like TMNT
6 Turn And Run
7 Infectious
8 Flagpole Sitta
9 Mistakes
10 My Way
11 Donuts

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